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BullGuard Premium Protection – Online Security

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Protect you and your family from malware, viruses and all online threats

The solution to protect your PC – Mac users click here

Anti-Virus software is not enough!

Today you need much more than just protection against just malware and viruses.
We recommend Bullguard premium which provides protection from all online threats plus other features to ensure your online safety and privacy.

If you are serious about online protection!

Bullguard premium protection

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Bullguard Premium guards your online safety and privacy

Bullguard Premium combines the Bullguard award winning Anti-vius protection with their Internet Security suite and other features to ensure your online safety and privacy.

Simple to install and easy to use.

Installs in minutes. The all-new design and intuitive layout make it simple for you to run a quick scan, adjust protection levels, back up your files, customize your settings and more. Everything is just one click from the main BullGuard home screen.

Malware and Spyware Protection

Our latest version of Antivirus includes Behavioural Detection, which spots new viruses by how they act on your computer. Together with Signature-based Detection, which deals with known malware, they make up a multi-layered defence system for PC that’s virtually impenetrable.

Safe Browsing. All web sites checked.

Some websites have malicious code hidden in them. Or they are used to launch phishing attacks. The BullGuard protection software checks the websites that come up in your searches and lets you know which ones are safe.

Firewall. Keep out intruders.

Protect your computer from unwanted hackers and identity thieves with this first line of defense. The firewall protects you against network attacks and prevents cyber crooks from entering your system.

Advanced Backup. Easily back up, recover and share files.

We’ve included 5GB of FREE online storage so you can keep your important data, photos, music and more safe. You can choose what you want to back up and how often, or just set the feature to auto backup. You can even back up content directly from folders with one click. And here’s more: your back-up data is easily accessible whenever you want to view it or restore it to another computer or even your smart phone.

Unwanted applications. Stop them before they take control.

Some programmes contain adware, they install toolbars and modify your system settings. They’re not malicious like trojans or worms but they can change your browser settings, alter your home page and direct you to another search engine by default. BullGuard’s unwanted app tool flags up these programmes and stops them from changing your settings.

Spamfilter. No spam. No scam.

BullGuard Spamfilter keeps out junk mail and email scams, like phishing attempts, virus spreading and foreign language spam. You can also customize filters to block emails you don’t want to receive.

PC Tune Up. Keep your PC running smooth and fast.

You’ll never have to wait again to get your computer up and running. BullGuard’s PC Tune Up removes unnecessary files and frees up memory so your computer runs faster.

Vulnerability Scanner. Keep your PC in good health.

Checks your computer for out-dated software that hackers and viruses can exploit to gain access to your system, damage it or steal personal information. Once this software is flagged up it can then be removed.

Support. Free 24/7.

Our support team is here for you 24/7, providing expert advice and quick answers to your questions.

Packed with features to keep you safe and protect your privacy

  • You choose the personal and financial details you want BullGuard to protect
  • Benefit from the most advanced Internet Security and Antivirus protection there is
  • Get notified about inappropriate content on your children’s Facebook
  • FREE 25GB of online backup space to save all your important data
  • 3-PC licence subscription and FREE upgrades to new versions
  • Get email and SMS alerts in case your personal and financial details get compromised online
  • Get top-rated antivirus protection, as proven by independent test labs
  • FREE PC Tune Ups to keep your PC running fast
  • FREE 24/7 expert Customer Support
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Bullguard Internet Security

Identity Theft Protection / Social Media Protection from BullGuard

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BullGuard Internet Security 12 Video Review by

BullGuard Advantage

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Visit Bullguard here and check out their FAQs:
Bullguard FAQ

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Bullguard offer Free Support 24/7.

The Bullguard support team is available for you 24/7, providing expert advice and quick answers to your questions.

Product Guides

Bullguard Forums

If you are not sure this is what you need or have any question join my FREE internetSOS group at Facebook and ask the Virtual Webmaster.

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Get Bullguard Premium now – 60 day free trail

We recommend Bullguard Premium but if you don’t need all the features you can select their award wining anti-virus or Internet Security software.

Click here to visit Bullguard and download online protection for your PC

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ESET Australia Cyber Security Pro – Internet Security for Mac

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Today your Mac needs protection from a whole range of online threats.


ESET Cyber Security is the solution.

cyber security for mac

ESET Cyber Security provides antivirus, antispyware, anti-phishing protection.

ESET Cyber Security Pro. adds a personal Firewall and Parental Control.
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ESET Cyber Security will protect you online


ESET Cyber Security is much more than just antivirus or antimalware for your Mac, and today you need more protection than ever before.

Professional cyber criminals are becoming very sophisticated and employing advanced social engineering techniques to try to fool you into allowing them to access your computer. In particular identity fraud and theft is something everybody needs to be concerned about, regardless of how much money you have in the bank.

ESET Cyber Security protects you from a range of online threats including:

  • AntivirusEliminate all types of threats, including viruses, Trojans, Worms, rootkits and more.
  • AntispywareProtect your privacy and stop theft of your personal information.
  • Cloud-powered ScanningSpeeds up scans by whitelisting safe fi les based on fi le reputation database.
  • Anti-PhishingPrevent attempts to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords or banking and credit card details by fake websites.
  • Personal Firewall *Prevent hackers from gaining access to your computer and stay invisible to other users in public Wi-Fi networks.
  • Parental Control *Block unwanted Internet content by categories or individual websites and keep your kids safe online.
  • Social Media ScannerKeeping You Safe from Threats on Social Networks
  • Removable Media ControlBlock unknown CDs, USBs and other media to prevent unauthorized copying of your private data
  • Small System FootprintWill not slow down your computer and use a lot of system resources
  • Presentation ModeNo disruptive pop-ups during presentations, videos or other full-screen applications.

* Available with ESET Cyber Security Pro

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ESET Cyber Security for Mac

Fast and powerful Internet security for Mac powered by the NOD32 record-breaking technology. The cloud based scanning system means that it is able to identify and protect you from the latest online threats, and also speeds up scans by whitelisting safe files based on file reputation database. The resulting smaller system footprint leaves more power for the programs you use daily and extends the lifetime of hardware.

Download a full list of features here:

Overview of ESET Cyber Security

Protection for all your devices

For those that have other devices that need protection, ESET offers flexible Multi-device security package that allow you to also protect your Windows, Linux, tablets and mobiles devices with one single affordable license.

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Eset provide local support for all their products.

Australian Support is here

They also provide a blog here

If you are not sure this is what you need or have any question join my FREE internetSOS group at Facebook and ask the Virtual Webmaster.

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Get ESET for Mac now – 30 day free trail

Do you also have other devices that need protection? ESET offers flexible Multi-device security packs that allow you to also protect Windows, Linux, tablets and mobiles with one single affordable license.

Click here to visit ESET and download Cyber Security for the Mac

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