Hi, My name is Christopher Bennetts and I created internetSOS from a recognition that the internet is becoming an increasingly dangerous place for everyone. There is no lack of information out there on internet security, in fact exactly the opposite!

There is a ton of information online about Internet security. Some of it good and a lot of it very bad. There is simply way too much information and much of it is too technical for people to deal with. The average Internet user is left confused and suffering from information overload!

Software Can’t Protect You From All The Online Dangers

Many people purchase security software to protect their computer systems and while this is an essential part of a responsible protection strategy, software does not even cover half the potential threats that are out there. Some of the most dangerous threats can’t be blocked by any software alone. Only by being aware of the threat and understanding how to avoid it can we begin to approach complete protection.

Everyone Needs Protection From Online Threats

Much of the focus on Internet Safety is for children. Children absolutely do need protection but such focus overshadows the important message that we all need to know how to protect ourselves. I would encourage responsible parents to consider this; How can parents hope to protect their children online when they do not even know how to protect themselves?

The idea behind internetSOS is simple; combine my 30 years of experience in IT support with the very best, most up to date internet security advice available and produce easy to understand and follow guides for internet safety and privacy.